Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heart's Unite

Life never ceases to amaze me. The warmth of the human spirit and the connection between women reaches far beneath what is seen with the human eye. It was about a year ago, my Aunt Martha passed away. She hadn’t been feeling well and drove herself to the hospital to see a doctor. They admitted her and the family were notified.  When I arrived my aunt was not very coherent. Visitor’s had to put on gloves and a mask, in order to go into the room, this way very difficult for me. I didn’t like the barrier between our skins.  My other aunt’s were in the room spending time talking and visiting with their sister, Martha.  One of my aunts approached me and asked me if there was anybody around my Aunt Martha from the other side. I lifted the veil and saw my Father sitting next her, my Grandfather, Great Grandmother standing next to her along with some other people I did not recognize. My Aunt Martha was my father’s sister and he passed away 16 years ago.  I shared what I saw with my Aunt and she was relieved. She said she could let my Aunt go, with the knowledge she would not be alone.  It was soon after I shared what I saw with my aunt, my cousin and uncle arrived with my Grandmother.  I was not looking forward to that moment. My Grandmother is in her nineties and my heart was saddened by the fact she would have to say good-bye to another child.  My Grandmother may be small in stature, however, she is a powerful woman whose strength and courage inspire me. She visited with her daughter in private.  I stood outside and cried. My heart cried, my Grandmother was saying good-bye to another child.  I hope to never know that kind of pain.

That evening after we finished dinner, I sat next to my Grandmother, who was sitting in the living room alone. We didn’t say much, just held each other’s hands and allowed the tears to flow down our face. I heard a couple of people say they were going back to the hospital. I went with them.
It was very quiet in my Aunt’s hospital room. I stood on one side, representing my father, my aunt, her sister, stood on the other side, my cousin Lisa, who was the daughter of the other sister, sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, my Aunt Martha’s son, my cousin, would come in and out of the room. I could see beyond the veil and began to see the room light up. I sensed the time was near. I saw my father and asked him, what do I do, how can I help her. He told me the best gift you can give her is love, just send her love and that is what I did. At that moment, my cousin walked in the room and touched his mother’s face. She smiled and with her family around her, she crossed over.

The next day, as I watched my cousin make beaded bracelets and listened to my Aunt’s Martha’s granddaughter sharing her fears about being a new mother and feeling disconnected I got an idea.  Inspired by the events of the week, my cousin Lisa and I created a bracelet for each woman, young and old in our family. Each bracelet had one heart on it and was surrounded by different shades of reds and pinks. We called the bracelet the Heart’s Unite bracelet.

The night before my Aunt’s funeral, I placed a bracelet in her casket. On the day we honored the life of my beautiful and spunky Aunt Martha, we gathered the women together and each put on our Heart’s Unite bracelet. The intention of the bracelet was to remind one another that we are not alone. We are supported by the one heart that connects each one of us. We come from a lineage of amazing women and their blood flows through us. We are connected to the community of women and their blood runs through us and supports us on our journey.  The bracelet serves as a reminder that we are not alone. When I feel sad or lonely, I look down at the bracelet I wear on my wrist and feel the touch of my Grandmother hand on my arm and hear my Great Grandmothers heart felt laugh. I am reminded that I am not alone. I carry in my heart the support and love of the community of women. I am grateful to my Aunt Martha for uniting us and to my father for reminding me that the most important thing we can give is love.

Each and every one of us is united by one heart. How we treat one another is how we treat ourselves.  The grace you give to one, you give to all. Today, I give you an energetic Heart’s Unite bracelet. May you always know that you are connected to one heart that loves, guides and supports you on your journey. May you find solace in knowing that you are part of a unique and miraculous group of individuals that create a world filled with possibilities.

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