Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Road Traveled

If one thing changed in your life, would you be who you are today? If one event had a different outcome, whom would you see when you looked in the mirror? 
The road "not" traveled is a road filled with wonder and regret. It is the road of "If only". "If only I had different parents then..." or, "If only this didn't happen to me, then my life would have turned out differently." The "if only" road takes you nowhere. You see the same scenery over and over again. It isn't until you let go of the wheel that you are able to see the turn off for the road of "right now".  The road of "right now" is where your life is created. Right now you can choose who you want to be and what you want to do which impacts the road yet to be traveled. The road of "right now" is a road of choices. Events happen in life and you can choose to allow them to define you or you can choose to define yourself. 

Is the past in power over you? Are you ready to empower yourself? Let go of the wheel and turn off the road of "if only" onto the road of "right now”. The road of "right now" does not ask you to forget the past. It asks you to let go of judgment and look at yourself with compassion. The past made you who you are today, it had a purpose. Learn from it and let it go, because today is where your life begins. 

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